Happiness. Happiness is a feeling which everyone need it, and achieving happiness is an action that people always do it. Nevertheless, sadly, most of the people do not know how to do it in the right way, including me.

Through this article, I do not mean to show you how to find the feeling of happiness, because I am not the guy who has the authority to do it. I am writing this for the purpose of reminding me of how to get it.

Happiness, according to a dictionary is ‘feeling and being satisfied.’ Because it is a feeling, if we want to know how to achieve it, we must ask the question to those who has the feeling or who has been achieving happiness.

So, the question is who are the people have been gaining the sense of the feeling?

If the question asked to me, I could not give the answer, and I think no body knows the answer as well. Therefore, let’s find out what the answer is according to Islam.

Ustadha Safiyya Bint Ahmed, the teacher who teaches the Islamic sciences and Arabic at Al-Zahra ‘Ilmiyyah Institute and Al-Arqam Academy at London, UK, wrote an article entitled “10 Steps to Happiness” and here are the ten steps to achieving happiness according to Islam:

Ten Steps to Achieving Happiness

  1. Seek the Pleasure of Allāh
  2. Be Thankful
  3. Satisfy Your Soul
  4. Avoid Worldly Comparisons
  5. Expect Only From Allāh
  6. Serve Others and Maintain Relations
  7. Get Adequate Rest and Organize Your Life
  8. Build a Support Group
  9. Eat Halal
  10. Keep Fit

If you want to know the explanation of the steps above in detail, please read the article’s Ustadha Safiyya Bint Ahmed.

Here is the link to the article:


I recommend all of you to read the article to get more useful information about how to achieve happiness according to Islam.

Finally, may Allah give guidance to all of us so we can achieve happiness in the world and the hereafter. Ameen.


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