3 Tips agar Anda tetap Produktif saat Bekerja dari Rumah

April 24, 2017 by no comments Posted in Learning English

Bekerja dari rumah, mungkinkah? Ya, dengan dukungan teknologi yang ada saat ini, hal itu sangat memungkinkan.[no_toc]

Walau demikian, tidak semua orang bisa atau mau melakukannya. Alasannya, menurut mereka, bekerja dari rumah membuat mereka tidak seproduktif sebagaimana saat mereka bekerja dari kantor.

First Conditional Sentences and When We Use it

Maret 25, 2017 by no comments Posted in Learning English

I learned about first conditional sentences in a few days ago. I learned about it in English Live course from English First (EF).

I found the first conditional lesson in the 7-Intermediate level of English Live. I understand what it said in the course, but I still want to know more about the topic. So, to learn more about the first conditional, I looked for other English resources.

Achieving Happiness and its Steps According to Islam

Maret 4, 2017 by no comments Posted in Learning English

Happiness. Happiness is a feeling which everyone need it, and achieving happiness is an action that people always do it. Nevertheless, sadly, most of the people do not know how to do it in the right way, including me.

Through this article, I do not mean to show you how to find the feeling of happiness, because I am not the guy who has the authority to do it. I am writing this for the purpose of reminding me of how to get it.