I am assuming many of you had already understood what title and meta description is. However, some of you maybe still do not know it yet.

So, for those who does not know what title and meta description is, please read this article first.

For who already know what title and meta description is, but do not know how to write it in the right way, you are on the right page.

Through this article, I am going to sharing with you some tips to write title and meta description for your blog or your site, so that your blog or your site will be SEO friendly.

Here are the tips:

Tips to Write Title and Meta Description

1. Write your title and meta description sufficiently. Don’t write your title and meta description more than the limit. To test your proposed title and meta description, use title and description checker tools such as:

If you use WordPress.org, you can use Yoast plugin to do the same thing.

Yoast Plugin

2. Don’t repeat variations of the same keyword (keyword stuffing), such as “SEO Specialist, SEO Expert, Indonesian SEO Expert, Indonesian SEO Specialist and SEO Expert…” because it creates a bad user experience.

“No one wants to see keyword stuffing,” wrote Ramesh Ranjan in his article How to Write an Effective Meta Description (Yes, They Still Matter).

So, avoid keyword stuffing on title and meta description on your blog or site.

I personally, when I read title or meta description that written in a way like that, I feel annoyed because the writer had written for the search engine, not for human like me.

3. Write for the real people. This part is accentuation for the part before. Write for the person, not for the search engine. Write title and meta description as good as possible, so that your potential readers are easy to understand what topic that you are writing in your article.

4. Write unique title and meta description for every page. Don’t let your pages have the same title and meta description, but give every page a particular title and meta description.

I think that the four tips written in this article are enough for you to start writing your title and meta description in a right way. If you want more tips and suggestions, please visit the link below: